Get the latest E-books for FREE

Get the latest E-books for FREE

No need to pay $14.99 to download Ebooks! You can virtually check out the books you want through your local library system!

Welcome to the 21st century! Many library systems now offer virtual book checkouts free-of-charge. You can also say goodbye to late fees since you did not check out a physical copy of the book.

Many library systems use a platform called Libby. It allows users to enter their library card credentials in order to access thousands of titles, including audiobooks. Once you’ve found a book you like, simply click “check-out” to download it to your device. After 21 days, the book self-deletes and gets returned automatically. Let’s be real, most people only read a book once, after that it just takes up space on their phone or tablet.

You’ve had a crazy couple of weeks and are behind on your reading? Not to worry, Libby’s got your back! You can renew your loan and hold on to your book for another 21 days.

Libby also lets you place a title on hold if all of its digital copies are already checked out. Once on hold, you don’t even have to check back into the library; the book will be automatically downloaded as soon as it becomes available.

Check out Libby here: 

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