Ways to Save Big at Whole Foods

Ways to Save Big at Whole Foods

1.     Join Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members receive daily discounts simply by scanning their membership at checkout. In addition to special pricing, Prime members receive an extra 10% off on all yellow tagged items throughout the store! Still not an Amazon Prime member? You can sign up for a free 30-day trial membership here.

Check out all Amazon Prime member deals here

2.     Check out the Whole Food’s App

Download the Whole Foods app for iOS and Android. Easily access the latest sales flyers through the Whole Foods app. Not only can you keep up with the current deals but you can also select a specific store in order to view store specific deals!

Check out the Whole Food’s app here.

3.     Take Advantage of Instant Cash Back Rebates

Rebate apps offer cash back on a large variety of items and brands by simply scanning your grocery receipt. Not only do rebate apps offer deals on a ton of different brands but many rebate apps offer cash back on generic products!

Two of the most popular rebate apps include Ibotta and Checkout51. Ibotta offers cash back on both in store purchases and online purchases from select retailers. Checkout51 offers cash back for in store purchases.

Check out Ibotta here and Checkout51 here

4.     Pay with a Cash App Debit Card.

Pay less at checkout with a Cash App debit card. Cash App offers a variety of discounts to their debit card holders and is free to join. Cash App currently offers 5% off purchases at Whole Foods when you ‘boost’ their Whole Foods offer.

Check out Cash App here

5.       BYOB

Bring your own bags! Like many grocery stores, Whole Food’s offers a $.10 incentive for each reusable bag you use at checkout. Not only are these good for the environment but many bags are designed to make carrying groceries hassle free.

Check out some popular bag options here

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